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  • 1. What is eLearning Training?

    All of our SAP courses are delivered as E-Learning only. In this E-Learning training program, you will be given access of all the recorded lectures, assignments, study materials, server access etc from the first day of enrolment. Online videos and server will be available 24/7. You can start/finish the training any time of the day as per your own time and pace. You are supposed to complete the assignment given at the end of each video. During the training whenever you have a question, you will need to post it on the student forum and we will reply you there ASAP. Duration of video/server access depends on the training package

  • 2. Do you provide Live online classes?

    Live classes are not available. All the SAP courses are delivered via E-Learning only with 100% support via forum

  • 3. I am not feeling confident with E-Learning?

    Please watch our demo videos first and see how you go. Please note that first couple of YouTube videos are complete and remaining are just a short clip for demo purpose only

  • 4. Can I share my course access with others?

    Sharing your share is strictly prohibited. Your access will be linked to your registered IP address and your IP will be monitored by the system automatically. Its ok to access from work and home but you need to inform us first.
  • 5. Do you provide job/placement after completing a course?

    We will help you with resume, interview preparation etc but sorry, we do not provide jobs/placements. Honestly saying, if someone is claiming such things then please be aware. Even SAP doesn’t promise a job if you get training from them directly or pass a SAP certification exam.
    I do have few contacts with some SAP recruitment agencies and if there is any opening within my contacts then certainly you will be informed first. We will help you prepare resume, provide interview questions etc or whatever within our hands.
  • 6. How to get a SAP job after completing a SAP course?

    Getting your first break could be challenging, not only in SAP but even in other non-SAP fields as well. Any employer will not give you a job just because you have completed a SAP course but because of your SAP expertise and your confidence in the subject. So I would advise you to first concentrate on getting sufficient knowledge and most importantly practical knowledge of the subject and its applications.
    We would personally advise you to learn more than one SAP modules if you can. Having skills in more than one module will stand you out of the crowd in the job market and it will increase your chance to get your dream job.
    We also advise you to keep applying for consultant level SAP role but at the same try SAP end user jobs. It will be much easier to secure an end user role. In the end user job, you will learn a lot more about real time business processes and its mapping into SAP. You will be able to present your as super/power user (who handles 1st level of SAP support tickets). Below are the examples of end user jobs that you may apply
    SAP MM > Purchasing officer, Inventory controller, Production planner, Master data analyst
    SAP SD > Customer service officer, Sales representative, Master data analyst
    SAP PP > Production planner, Production coordinator, Master data analyst
    SAP FICO > Management accountant, Account receivable officer, Account payable officer etc.
  • 7. What are the modes of payments?

    – You can pay via paypal or creditcard. Other modes of payments are western union, money gram or bank transfer. Please email us if you do not wish to use paypal.
  • 8. Can I pay in Instalments?

    Unfortunately, instalment option is not available.
  • 9. I do not need server access or a part of training package. Can I get any discount?

    Unfortunately there is no discount. Only fixed training packages are available as per the details shown on website. We do not have any customized package option. Server price can be excluded in HANA related course only.
  • 10. Do you provide job/project support?

    This training mainly provides support (via forum) within the scope of the training. We do not provide job/project support but its ok to if you ask a job related question occasionally. As per our experience so far, this training will make you confident about handling tickets yourself and we will also teach you about where to look for help (free) if needed during a job/project.
  • 11. I never used SAP before and I do not have any IT background. Can I learn SAP?

    It depends on module. For example you can learn most of the functional modules (like SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP PP and SAP CRM Functional) and it doesn’t matter what your background is. You will be learning everything from scratch in our training program including business processes. For “SAP FICO” ideally you should have basic accounting knowledge, for “SAP Simple Finance” you should have previous FICO configuration knowledge. Also for “SAP CRM Technical Training” it’s mandatory to have basic ABAP knowledge. Please write an email to us if you are still unsure.
  • 12. Can I appear for SAP Certification exam after completing a SAP course?

    It depends on your country of residence. For most of the western countries like Australia, US, UK, Canada, Europe etc, you can book certification exam even without any formal SAP training. But in most of Asian countries you either should get the training from SAP authorized centre or you should have 3-4 years of real time experience in that particular SAP module. I would advise you to call and check with your local SAP office in your city. Please note that course contents for all of our SAP courses are designed as per the syllabus prescribed for SAP Certification.
  • 13. Can I contact you after completing the course, if I need?

    Yes, certainly you can. We still have continuing relationships with most of my past students.
  • 14. How long it takes to complete one SAP course?

    On an average it takes approx 2-3 months via part time study. But it mainly depends on student.
  • 15. Do you provide tax invoice.

    Yes, we do and you can claim the fee from your tax return. We are GST registered in Australia.
  • 16. What is included in the course?

    It depends on the course. Please see the relevant training package on the website .
  • 17. I am not sure which module I should choose. Can you advise?

    – It depends on your background like qualification, experience etc. Please email us your background and we will advise you the best suitable course for you.
  • 18. Where are you located?

    – We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We do not have any branch. You can be anywhere in the world to start this online training. So far we have students from more than 20 countries.
  • 19. What currency do you accept?

    All the prices shown on the website in USD. If you are in Australia then you can pay equivalent in AUD via bank transfer as well.
  • 20. What are the requirements from my side to start a SAP course?

    All you need is an average speed PC, internet and most importantly “A desire to learn”. That’s it!

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